1. Detoxification:

The first step in the recovery is detox. This is when the elimination of toxins happens as well as stabilizing the client at a hospital before being admitted into our facilities. The hospital would inform us as to when the client is ready for their second phase. Daily check-ups on the client would be conducted for as long as he/she is in hospital.

2.  Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitation is key due to the person’s mindset changing during the transition from being sober-minded to the full-blown addict. This is done through psycho-education, individual counseling, psychiatric assistance, and psychologists sessions.

Family sessions also form a part of the client’s rehabilitation. This helps in the process of unlearning the addictive behavior and relearning sobriety-based qualities. Here we use a lot of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

3.  Relapse Prevention:

Relapse is not part of recovery. Relapse is a choice. There is no reason to go back to usage after being in a program and being taught coping skills, through relapse prevention. This is why coping skills are taught to prevent a relapse from happening. It also teaches the client how to cope/deal with difficult situations, such as conflict resolutions.

4.  Reintegration:

At this phase, the client gets to go on home leave. This serves a two-fold purpose. the first is that empowers reintegration, i.e. reconnecting with the family. The second purpose is to identify and sort out any problems/stumbling blocks, that is experienced before his/her release date. Upon returning from a home-leave, problems identified will be worked on to ensure that that it is resolved. This is crucial for when the client goes home after he/she has completed their program.

5.  Aftercare:

After care is the last phase and one of the most important phases of the treatment program. It helps in the maintenance of what has been achieved during the in-patient treatment. It is also an opportunity to speak and deal with any stumbling blocks that might occur while one might have started work, studies or any home problems.

Serene Retreat’s aftercare program offers a combination of therapy sessions over the phone from the comfort and convenience of your own home.